This week we had our tech time. Everything got very real, very quickly. It took a long time to get all the lighting and sound right but once it was all in place we felt a little steadier in our piece but it also highlighted for us that there are still a lot of areas that need to be worked on:

We’ve been working on our characterisation in even more detail this week. Looking at the way in which each character walks, talks, how they hold themselves everything and when someone saw the Kite Runner at the Northcott Theatre, they were inspired by their use of instruments within the performance, and their link to characters. We spent some time going over what instruments would suit each character and we’ve ended up with a musical gestus for each character that we have paired with a series of three very simple movements to show which character will be in the particular scene:

Gurdjieff: (drum beat) *emphasises placing coat on*
(drum beat) *adjusts crotch in an over the top manner*
(drum beat) *steps forward and stands in a broad stance with chest and crotch puffed out*

Katherine: (triangle chime) *delicately wraps shall around shoulders*
(triangle chime) *tucks hair neatly behind ear*
(triangle chime) *steps forward and stands upright in a ‘ladylike’ fashion*

We worked through an exercise where we went from 1 to 10 on emphasis of the characters posture and walk (1 being fairly neutral and 10 being completely over the top) which really helped us understand how far we need to go to emphasise characters like Wayne and the way he walks all hunched over with his head down.

We have also been looking to introduce movement into more scenes within the piece so the physical sections and the beginning and end don’t look out of place. We have had the members of the group who are not in these scenes looking at them and directing them to create physicality is some scenes. Such as, nearing the end when the man has committed suicide and Wayne finds Audra in the empty room and attacks her we’ve chosen to bring on a couple of members who are not in the scene to help with the movement and Georgie performs the ‘attack’ facing the audience. This is unrealistic and therefore helps create the verfremdungeffekt.

We have thought also about bringing placards into play, a classic epic theatre trait, only we wanted to make it more modern and use projection instead and title each scene with something our audience can relate such as, the very first scene, where Audra tells Wayne it’s just for the sex, we’re naming it the “Fuck and Chuck” which is a frequently used hashtag on Twitter.

Fuck and Chuck

In the projection slides, we’re adding in videos and images of poignant lines too along with corresponding political images and/or statements that are relevant today

man up


Asus I don’t need feminism because [accessed 25 Nov 2017]

Short, C. (2017) [accessed 25 Nov 2017]


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