I really didn’t think we were going to be ready for our final performance date. We were still polishing things off and smoothing things over – vital things too such as our character profiles and postures and everything, this made me nervous, I really began to think we weren’t going to do well because we simple weren’t ready. I personally, think that we all put our effort in far too late, there wasn’t enough solid, hard work happening throughout rehearsals throughout the term and now we’re having to finalise things that we should have been doing a week ago.

We’ve had a few somewhat genius ideas however such as introducing the instruments throughout the scene to indicate when a particular character has power which really adds something to each scene, as well as reminding the audience that they’re watching theatre.

Despite all my worries and concerns about our piece, I think it went pretty well, we certainly did the best we could and we all came away saying that it was the best we’d performed it. There were small but significant things I felt as though we could have done considerably better with, for example, with our character profiles, I don’t think they were all the same, we should have spent far longer working with each other, perfecting our character’s postures and the way they speak, built up more of a story and profile for them. I think using the instruments worked really well. It gave the audience a clear indication as to who was on stage and the kind of character that they are. It also showed clear musical gestus for the individual characters. I also really liked our use of multi-rolling, this worked well for our play, it helped with the verfremdungseffekt and showed what we could do regarding different character profiles.


From our buddy group:

  • Most thoughts came from our projections
  • Use of multi-rolling was really good, with the change in gender, relates to todays society and the very recent acceptance of ‘more than genders’
  • Powerful movement sequences
  • Use of instruments was really good – especially the drum for Gurdjieff
  • Picked up on the feminist themes and suicide themes – unfortunately not quite what we were going for but strong and similar themes  
  • The use of repetition and connection between the two worlds was strong – the force drinking scenes etc…
  • It was the best we’d ever performed it.

From Kate:

  • Challenging playwight
  • We were very responsive to feedback
  • Remember to come back to the text more often – I completely agree with this, we should have always been linking back to the original script to relate more. Perhaps we should have carried out a more in-depth analysis of the script nearer the beginning. 
  • We made it contemporary well
  • Bold choices regarding the worlds
  • Could have overlapped the worlds more. – I think this was likely to have come down to fear. We were worried if we merged the two worlds we’d lose the clarity we wanted to have. We could have done it if we’d really tried to right from the beginning though I think. and it's over

Now that it’s all wrapped up and done however, I’ve had time to reflect upon our piece and although there isn’t much I would change as such there are certainly elements that I would like to have put far more effort and energy into during the rehearsal period. I truly believe that when we performed, we performed the best performance we had, however, I think we should have put much more time and effort into our character profiles, as I believe they had a lot more potential. I also believe that we should have spent more time analysing the script and looking for De Groen’s original meanings and then drawn from this, I think we had a delayed start because we were a little unsure of what our task was, which isn’t necessarily our fault but we should probably have handled it better.


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